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I Kinda Watched Football Yesterday

I Kinda Watched Football Yesterday

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Every Sunday, I spend some time watching football, I also can’t focus, don’t like spending too much time in one place, and don’t like football that much. Last night was the Superbowl.

Here are the thoughts I collected:


    • It came out this week on people.com that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman. When I was younger, dumber, and listening to Adam Carolla I think I would’ve had negative things to say about this, but recently I was listening to the Cracked Podcast about quantum physics as well as the new Invisibilia podcast entitled ‘Entanglement’.
      • The Cracked Podcast said something about how time travel and teleportation are possible at a quantum level. Meaning, apparently scientists have successfully moved an atom from one side of a wall to another.
      • The Invisibilia Podcast explained that with lasers, I think, scientists are able to turn two completely different atoms into the same atom. Meaning that whatever you do to one atom would simultaneously happen to the other. In addition to that, there is evidence that suggests that even our emotions are matter and that people that surround you can effect your emotions. We are essentially a collections of atoms that undulate and vacillate through time and space.
      • My conclusion is with this new information, I now believe that there are little to no rules that one can hold true absolutely other than negativity begets more negativity. Therefore, Bruce should do whatever makes him happy and I can’t wait to hear his new name, I hope it’s better than Chaz.
    • We started the day by going to Glady’s in the new, softer Crown Heights. I’m dying to know if the owner’s name is really Glady or if they don’t understand possessive apostrophies. Food’s good though.
    • From there we went to Woodwork. Brandi watched the some sort of Puppy related show on Animal Planet, I watched the Knicks. The music was horrible. They played ‘What a Fool Believes’ and ‘Horse With No Name’. When will Brooklyn bars understand that all people really want to hear is 90’s hip hop or whatever I’ve been hearing in spin class. Yeah, that’s what I said.
    • This is what Walt Frazier looks like. People listen to him.IMG_0219
    • This is what Larry Johnson looks like now.


      Larry’s wardrobe provided by Louis Farrakhan

    • I’ve never actually fully listened to the lyrics of ‘Horse With No Name’, but why wouldn’t the asshole just name the horse? What else was he doing? Also, why would anyone play that song when people are attempting to have fun?
    • If you work for Animal Planet, what do you tell people you do, make Internet videos that last a half hour?
    • Robert Krulwich from Radiolab said he watches football for the ads. I think he meant the Superbowl, but if he didn’t I might have to stop listening to him.
    • We decided to head home for the game, watching it quietly and serenely with a blanket over our legs because we’re cool and popular.
    • How many more years will we consider ACDC a marker of cool? I’d like an end date for that if someone has some down time.
    • The Seahawks ran out of the tunnel to ‘Bittersweet Symphony’. Was that supposed to be ironic?



    • John Legend is musical Ambien. I very much dislike all his curves and all his edges.
    • Couldn’t Ms. Dazeem just have sung ‘Let It Go’? I feel like that would’ve been shorter and more fun for everyone involved.

    • Brandi is rooting for Seattle “mostly because they have the coolest uniforms in the NFL”. I concur, but also Fuck Boston.
    • Kate Upton’s boobs do not make me want to investigate what Game of War is.

    • You got me Katie.
    • Why was Steve Buscemi in that Snickers Commercial? I kept waiting for them to describe him in a negative way that a Snickers could cure and I was hoping that that description would be “funny looking”.

    • If you didn’t yell “da da da da!” after that Budweiser commercial I’m not sure I want to be your friend.

    • Is the Superbowl when people over 40 see all the movie trailers I saw the day they came out?
    • Looks like AD is really embracing the antihero. Right? Right? Come on! #controversy

    • If there’s a person out there who said, “finally, Lenny Kravitz”, I would like their wages garnished and I would like that money to go the education of our nation’s children so that things that stupid will never be uttered again.
    • Best Half Time Show since Beyonce.
    • I really hope they finish this stupid game by the time Girls comes on. I don’t want to be the guy that missed the end of the Super Bowl in order to watch Girls.
    • So they’re really not going to show us why that guy got penalized, huh? I saw him pretend to pull his pants down, I’m just curious about the rest.
    • It’s Ok everybody, Girls isn’t on tonight. Now I just want the game to end so I can watch Shameless.
    • Well, at least I get to watch Shameless. Enjoy your week everybody.