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I Kinda Watched Football Yesterday

I Kinda Watched Football Yesterday

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Every Sunday, I spend some time watching football, I also can’t focus, don’t like spending too much time in one place, and don’t like football that much.

Here are the thoughts I collected:

With two days of Playoff Football I decided to do two days worth of Kinda Watching Football.


    • Last night I went to the Brooklyn Nets game. The upside of the two New York teams sucking is that I get to go to a lot more games. Whatever it takes.
    • For dinner we had Gyros from a Halal cart. In the past few years Halal carts have taken begun to dominate hot dog carts. My dad’s a hot dog man and I’ll always love them, but a gyro for $4 is a beautiful thing.
    • I used to live 2 doors down from this Halal cart it wasn’t there then, I shudder to think our much lamb shaved from a spit that I would’ve ingested.
    • This week there was a debate in my office over the serving size of a Ben and Jerry’s pint of Ice Cream. There is only one answer: single.
    • After the game I fought every aspect of my being to not get a second $4 gyro.
    • Instead we went to 4th Ave Pub in Boerum Hill. It’s pretentious and over priced, but they have great popcorn so sacrifices were made.
    • Years ago I went to a trivia night at 4th Ave Pub, the people that I met had a douche bag with a Red Sox hat who mocked me for having a Yankees hat. We were in Brooklyn; I hate him to this day. The trivia night asked literary questions, I hate them to this day.
    • Inside the bathroom, someone decided to write something profound.IMG_0135
    • I had something profound to say as well.IMG_0136
    • On Sunday we predictably headed to Greenwood Park to watch the Packers. Living in Madison has made them our last chance to give a crap about the Super Bowl. I’m this close to appreciating the puppy bowl for its warrior spirit.
    • I’ll say one thing about this game heading to half time. The Packers should’ve scored more touchdowns and the Fox Halftime Crew look like bitches in the cold.
    • I feel like Backstrom is going to be a hit and I’m going to be sad about the state of society.

    • The Seahawks have a Right Tackle named Sweezy. That is all.
    • Stannis is in the Game of War Commercial! Stannis is in the Game of War Commercial.Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 7.59.49 PM
    • I know not really, but I bet he gets laid for looking like him.Esq-052013-Stannis
    • Gary Busey is not an adorable eccentric he’s a predatory pervert who would touch Celebrity Apprentice interns inappropriately and get away with it because of status. Also, he’s never been funny.
    • It looks like Russel Wilson is playing Mine Craft.russell-wilson-and-surface-1200xx803-452-0-43
    • His name is Clinton-Dix?!Clinton-Dix-2
    • Why doesn’t Taco Bell put as much money into their meat as they appartently put into their commercials? Maybe then I wouldn’t eat so much incidental rat feces.

  • I’m just kidding Taco Bell, keep on shining you crazy diamond.
  • That onside kick was just about as depressing as a thing gets.
  • Well, so much for caring about the Super Bowl. At least I still have Girls.
  • Have a good week.